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Clecat Circular 2015/11 CITI – New fiscal requirements in Romania:

Dear Madam/Sir,

 We have been informed by the British International Freight Association, that National Agency for Fiscal Administration – Anti Fiscal Fraud General Department of Romania, is asking, as from January 19th, 2015, on a daily basis and at least 2 hours prior to receiving the shipments, the list of all parcels with a weight higher than 10 kilograms sent from EU Member States to Romania (see attached document). The report to be submitted the Romanian authorities shall contain, to the extent it is all possible, the following:

 ∙             Identification data of the external shippers (translator note: external suppliers) and of the Romanian customers (both companies, as well as physical persons);

∙             Place of loading/unloading ;

∙             Description of transported goods;

∙             Weight, declared value, insurance value;

∙             AWB/road transport document  no., as applicable

∙             Payment method (on delivery, or as applicable).

 We will bring this issue to the attention of the European Commission to see if this new requirement is in line with the EU rules.





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