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CLECAT and other Members of the ‘Trade Contact Group’ (TCG) had the opportunity last week to discuss the Commission’s second draft of the UCC (Union Customs Code) DA (delegated acts) with the political advisors and assistants of the rapporteur the shadow rapporteurs for the IMCO Committee of the European Parliament. This was the second of three sessions. The first session was held on 4 November. The third session will be held on 19 January 2015 on the basis of the new draft (version 3) which should be available by then.

It is recalled that the UCC delegated act enters into force only if no objection has been expressed either by the European Parliament or the Council within two months of notification of that act to the European Parliament and the Council. That period may be extended by two months at the initiative of the European Parliament or of the Council. The meetings concerned anticipate the formal notification of the text.